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If you are looking to book time at the FC Viktoria Soccer Center, please click here to check our availability.

Competitive Program Indoor Soccer
Developmental Program Indoor Soccer
Grassroots Program - Indoor Soccer

FC Viktoria's Grassroots Soccer Program, where the journey to becoming a passionate soccer player begins! Our program offers a fantastic opportunity for kids to cultivate their love for the game while building essential skills. With a focus on physical literacy and soccer fundamentals, our engaging sessions include games, challenges, and skill-refining drills. We're committed to creating a nurturing and enjoyable environment where every child can flourish. Stay tuned for program dates starting this September. If you're eager to enroll your child, express your interest, and we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

Developmental Soccer: Where Potential Takes Root at FC Viktoria, we believe in nurturing soccer talents from the very beginning. Our Developmental Program, tailored for young players aged U9 to U12, forms the strong foundation upon which soccer dreams are built. With expert guidance, personalized development, and a family-like atmosphere, we're not just fostering skills; we're creating a lifelong passion for the beautiful game. Join us in this exciting journey, where every child can develop both on and off the field. Get ready for a soccer experience like no other. Your child's soccer future starts here!

Elevate Your Game with FC Viktoria's Premier Technical Training At FC Viktoria, we're not just about developing soccer skills; we're shaping exceptional individuals. Our exclusive weekly Technical Training, led by the esteemed Technical Team, including the renowned Sinisa Matic (Sini), ensures players receive top-tier guidance. Our Technical Team, comprising certified CSA coaches, college-level players, and FC Viktoria alumni, is dedicated to nurturing talent with unwavering integrity. From personalized development and fostering a club family to empowering coaches, our Technical Training serves diverse purposes.Players reap diverse benefits, from multiple expert insights to a fusion of fun and learning. Our dynamic training approach creates a realm of healthy competition and camaraderie.

KidzSport Program
Jumpstart Program




Field Conditions

2024, July 10 - Wednesday:  Outdoor fields are open for scheduled games.

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