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Developmental Program (Under 9 - 12)


Developmental Soccer: Where the Journey Begins


At FC Viktoria, we believe that the journey to becoming an exceptional soccer player starts at the grassroots level. Our Developmental Program, catering to players aged U9 to U12, is the foundation upon which budding talents begin their soccer adventure.


What We Offer:


1. Expert Guidance: Our dedicated coaching staff is committed to nurturing young talents, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the sport. Led by our esteemed Technical Team, our coaches bring their diverse experiences and a deep commitment to integrity, loyalty, and honesty.


2. Personalized Development: We understand that every young player is unique. That's why we take the time to get to know each player personally, tailoring our guidance to their specific improvement areas. This personalized approach ensures that each child receives the attention they need to thrive.


3. A Club Family: Beyond soccer skills, we focus on creating a sense of belonging. Through our Developmental Program, players forge lasting friendships, solidify their bonds with coaches, and develop a strong affiliation with FC Viktoria.


4. Holistic Approach: We don't just focus on what happens on the field. Our program takes into account off-field needs as well, providing comprehensive support to our young athletes.


5. Fun and Learning: We believe that enjoyment is key to effective learning. Our sessions strike a balance between fun and skill development, ensuring that every child looks forward to each practice.


6. Recognizing Potential: Exceptional talents don't go unnoticed. Players who stand out have the opportunity to advance beyond the youth program as we recognize and nurture their potential.


Dynamic Training Experience:


Our Developmental Program offers a dynamic and engaging training experience. Players rotate through 3 to 4 stations, each designed to enhance their skills. From ball control and manipulation to combination play, shooting, and mini-games, our program covers it all.


Join the Legacy:


At FC Viktoria, we're not just shaping soccer players; we're shaping individuals. Our Developmental Program is where the journey begins, and we invite your child to be part of this legacy. Enrich their skills, forge lifelong connections, and embrace a club identity that transcends the game. Your child's soccer future begins here.


Stay tuned for forthcoming program dates, set to commence in September. If you're eager to enroll your child in our Developmental Program, please register your interest, and we'll ensure you stay well-informed.

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