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Competitive Program U13 - 17

Elevate Your Soccer Journey with FC Viktoria's Competitive Program

At FC Viktoria, we're dedicated to shaping not only skilled soccer players but also exceptional individuals. Our cornerstone program offers exclusive weekly technical training sessions led by our esteemed Technical Team, headed by the renowned Sinisa Matic, affectionately known as Sini.


Meet Our Technical Team: Masters of the Game and of Integrity


Our Technical Team consists of certified CSA coaches, college and university-level players, and esteemed FC Viktoria alumni. Each member brings a unique flavor to our sessions, stemming from their diverse backgrounds and experiences. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to integrity, loyalty, honesty, and transparency.


Unveiling the Purpose: Your Development, Our Priority


From the club's perspective, our Technical Training serves numerous vital purposes:


1. Personalized Player Development: We understand each player personally, enabling us to tailor our guidance to their specific improvement areas.


2. Fostering a Club Family: We cultivate an environment akin to family, forging an unbreakable bond among club members and instilling a resolute club identity.


3. Empowering Coaches: We closely collaborate with coaches to enhance team-specific training, enriching the overall player experience.


4. Holistic Approach: We comprehend both on-field and off-field needs, providing comprehensive support to our players.


5. Nurturing Future Stars: We identify young talents with aspirations beyond the youth program and provide them with the guidance to reach their goals.


Players Rejoice: The Benefits are Abundant


From the players' perspective, the advantages of our Technical Training are boundless:


1. Diverse Feedback: Receive insights from multiple expert voices, offering a well-rounded perspective on your development.


2. A Fusion of Fun and Learning: Enjoyment takes center stage in our sessions, ensuring that learning and improving go hand in hand with having a blast.


3. Solidify Bonds: Familiarize yourself with fellow players and coaches, forging connections that extend beyond the field.


4. Embrace Club Identity: Develop a profound affiliation with the club, cementing your place within our close-knit community.


5. Recognition and Growth: Stand out as a potential candidate for advanced development beyond the youth program, as we recognize and nurture your potential.


Unveiling the Dynamic Training Approach


Our Technical Training is a dynamic, engaging experience. Players partake in a 3 to 4 station rotation, where they tackle various tasks under the guidance of our technical trainers. Stations encompass an array of skills, from ball control and manipulation to combination play, shooting, and mini-games. It's a realm of healthy competition and camaraderie, further enlivened by our trainers' personalized touch, tailored to the age and group they're working with.


Join FC Viktoria and elevate your soccer journey through our unparalleled Technical Training. Enrich your skills, forge lifelong connections, and embrace a club identity that transcends the game. Be part of the legacy. Your future begins here.

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